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About us

Amazon Wood

Amazon Wood is engaged in carpentry and joinery products that exceeded the expectation of our clients and expanded our operational domain. Amazon Wood offers architects, designers and building contractors in the region to produce custom made standard joinery components supported by our manufacturing facilities. Our production is handled by skilled personal along with sophisticated machinery. Our clients are attracted by the production of the exceptionally high quality joinery and timber components. Joinery and timber building components from Amazon Wood are supplied through the U.A.E in various projects and for various applications.We are unique in all our productions through style, panache and mind blowing craftsmanship. We ensure that our clients receive the best service and design in the market by continuously driving important and quality in all phases of operations. Innovative marketing concepts, quality products and state of the art manufacturing methods have always been driven by the demand for customer satisfaction.
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Amazon Wood

Our Virtues and Values

Our mission

Our mission is to provide a job which caters the quality, time table, budget and efficient needs of our clients within the frame work of mutual trust and responsible relationship to satisfy the carpentry and joinery requirements of every individual or institutions which needs our service.

our vision

In this dynamic and constantly evolving landscape, we envision our company as a testament to the journey from humble beginnings in the industrial sector to the pinnacle of creativity. We draw inspiration from individuals who, despite starting small, have risen to become renowned figures, leaving an indelible mark on our world. We place our trust in the power of passion, determination, and the continuous refinement of our craft to achieve excellence, recognition, and a lasting impact on the current generation that values both time and the quality of unique artistry. Let our work and services be a testament to our dedication and commitment.

Our Services

The exceptional services that Amazon Wood offers

Wooden Doors

Wooden Pergolas

Kitchen Cabinets


Interior Design

Offices and Restaurants Full Fit-out

Vanity Units

Console Unit

CNC Decorations Panels

pergola dubai

Gazebo Gardens

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We are available 24/7 to assist you in the best possible way and connect you with our experts.

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Furniture, Door, Wardrobe, and Pergola

The exceptional services that Amazon Wood offers

wooden wardrobe dubai
wooden wardrobe dubai
wardrobe dubai
wooden doors
wooden doors dubai
doors dubai
wooden doors dubai
wooden doors dubai
wooden door dubai
Wooden Pergola Dubai
pergola dubai
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