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wooden doors
wooden doors dubai
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wooden doors dubai
wooden doors dubai
wooden door dubai

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Are you looking for exquisitely designed wooden doors in Dubai? Look no further because Amazon wood reflects the style and design you envision in outdoor and indoor spaces. The epitome of aesthetics is what we deliver to our clients. We specialize in creating bespoke wooden doors which are crafted exceptionally and function properly.

Our years of experience have made recognition in the carpentry industry, and our experts proudly transform your wood into beautifully crafted masterpieces. The doors we create represent our true passion and dedication towards the attention to detail and quality we put in our wooden doors by using authentic materials. Our pool of experts is well-trained enough to create all kinds of design styles and ensure the client’s preferences.

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Why wood doors in Dubai for your house?

When it comes to selecting the ideal doors for your home, wooden doors in Dubai offer a perfect fusion of elegance, functionality, and cultural charm. Here’s why these doors can be the perfect addition to your house:

Timeless Elegance

Wooden doors gives a timeless elegance that transcends trends as they are carried with detailed attention and precision and showcase the sleek design. They enhance the aesthetics of your interior and make your home welcoming to others.

Traditional Wooden Doors

The rich cultural heritage of Dubai is reflected in its wooden doors. They often represent sleek designs, patterns, and motifs inspired by the region’s history and traditions. Choosing wooden doors embraces Dubai’s identity and history within the interior of your home.

Climate Compatibility

Dubai's hot and humid climate demands wooden doors that excel in insulation, maintaining interior comfort. They act as a natural barrier, stabilizing temperatures and boosting energy efficiency in homes.

Versatility in Design and accessories

Wooden doors in Dubai offer a wide variety of designs and allow you to choose from a range of styles that align with the client’s preferences and the interior design concept of the home. Whether it’s a classic, ornate, or sleek design, give a beautiful look by customizing the doors with the vision.

Durability and Longevity of our Wooden Work

At Amazon Wood, wooden doors are made using high-quality and durable materials that build long-lasting wooden doors. Properly maintained doors last longer than ordinary wooden doors, and their functionality also last for years. So it’s a cost-effective investment for your home whenever you do.

custom doors dubai for home and company

One of the best features of wooden doors is their customization it can be customized anytime according to your preferences. From the design elements to the styles we create, you can create door designs that align with your interior design concept.

Warm and Inviting Atmosphere

The unique quality of quality wood creates a warm and inviting home environment. The natural texture of wooden doors gives an essence of comfort and coziness to your indoor spaces and makes your home feels like a home actually.

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Where wooden door are required?

Wooden doors are a classic choice for residential homes. They can be used as front entry, interior room, closet, and patio doors. They add warmth and character to living spaces while providing security and privacy.  Wooden doors are commonly used in commercial spaces, and most of the time, they are seen in offices, restaurants, retail stores, and hotels. These wooden doors make complement the interior design and add an essence of a welcoming and pleasing environment.

Schools, colleges, and universities often utilize wooden doors for classrooms, offices, auditoriums, canteens, etc. Wooden doors in schools reflect aesthetic appeal while giving security and functionality. Wooden doors, such as hospitals, clinics, and medical offices, are also used in the healthcare sector. They provide privacy to the patients and assist patients in the waiting areas and office. Wooden doors create a welcoming environment for patients and visitors.

The doors in the hospitality sector are designed as entrance doors and room doors. They are designed with detailed attention and add elegance to their design. The hotels, restaurants, and other similar establishments align with the establishment’s aesthetics. The doors are incorporated in government offices, municipal buildings, and administrative centers. People prefer durable or lasting doors with a formal appearance in it when looking for government building doors.

Wooden doors are widely used in historical and heritage sites because they add authenticity to old architecture. These doors often represent the delicate design and craftsmanship reflecting their duration.

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Types of wooden doors Dubai

Different types of wooden doors in Dubai are designed aesthetically and suit your preferences and needs. The most common types of doors are:

Panel wooden Doors

Panel wooden doors are constructed between two framed panels with stiles and rails. They are versatile and suits various architectural style to give an elegant look. They can be made from solid wood or have panels made of glass, plywood, hardwood, and other materials.

Flush Door

A flush door is one of the common doors having smooth and flat surfaces. They are made by bonding plywood or MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) over a frame. Flush doors are especially used for interiors, and they are economical while giving your house an elegant and modern look.

French Doors

this wood door consists of multiple glass panels that are set within wooden frames. They are hinged and used for the entrances to gardens, patios, and balconies. They allow natural light to enter while giving your home an aesthetic and elegant appearance.

wooden Sliding Doors

These sliding wooden doors are also known as the bypass doors that slide on tracks instead of swinging open. They are the ones that are used where space is less, and these space-saving doors are used for entrances, closets, or in-room dividers. Sliding doors can also have wooden frames or incorporate glass panels.

Paneled and Glazed Doors

These doors are made by combining panels and glass elements. In the doors, there is a section of glass intended, which allows the light to pass through while maintaining privacy. They are also known as tinted doors.

Solid Wood Doors

 this wooden doors is completely made from solid wood without using any engineered components. They are specifically recognized for their durability, longevity, and aesthetic appearance. Solid wood doors can easily be carved, engraved, or decorated according to your personal preferences.

Barn wooden door

Barn doors are the ones that are rustic and have a sliding design. They are mostly used in interior decor and create a focal point while offering practicality in space division.

Pocket wooden Doors

They slide into a hidden wall cavity, saving space and allowing you to open the room fully. They are mostly used in small spaces or spaces where swinging doors would be impractical.

Stable custom Door

They are similar to Dutch doors and divided horizontally, but the difference is in additional vertical divisions. They are mostly seen in rural areas or cottage-style homes.

Fire-Rated Doors

These doors are designed to resist fire for a specific period of time and offer safety and protection to your spaces. These doors are made up of solid wood or engineered wood having fire-resistant materials incorporated.

Pivot Doors

These pivot doors rotate on a central axis instead of swinging and hinges. They are quite large and heavy doors that are visually striking and used in grand entrances or contemporary spaces such as shopping malls.

Carved Doors

These carved doors represent the detailed designs, patterns, and even images carved into the wood. They are highly decorative and mostly used in houses with incorporated ornate architecture.

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The fire door is often heavier than the standard door. This door is made from heavy materials such as rated wooden, rated steel, gypsum, timber, rated glazed, and aluminum. All fire doors and all components must comply with the certification requirements of any local authority having jurisdiction. this can be a readymade door or a custom This type of door is suitable for home and company as it contains solid wooden doors.

rustproof doors are generally four main types of materials used to make your door resistant to specific environments: stainless steel, fiberglass, aluminum, and royal wooden. this can be a readymade door or a custom This type of door is suitable for home and company

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