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The allure of wooden pergolas and their exceptional beauty elevates your outdoor experience. At Amazon Wood, our experts craft exquisite wood pergola in Dubai, blending nature, elegance, and functionality. We transform your experience into serenity and style by adding beauty to your outdoor spaces.

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Customized Elegance

Amazon Wood believes in crafting pergolas that are unique in design as your garden. Our expert designers give their 100% in aligning with your vision, style preferences, and garden dynamics, resulting in a customized pergola design that perfectly elevates the outdoor area's beauty.

Artistry in Nature

Our wooden pergola designs are a harmonious blend of craftsmanship and nature. The details, from the choice of materials to intricate details, ensure that the wooden pergola becomes an artistic work that enhances the garden's aesthetic appeal.

Seamless Integration

Wooden pergola designs are administered with the garden's natural elements, whether it’s a play of sunlight through the beams or a gentle rustling of leaves overhead. Our wooden pergolas make your garden more attractive and reconnect you with the beauty of the outdoors.

Functional Brilliance

Beyond the captivating beauty, our wooden pergolas in dubai are designed with functionality in mind. Whether its purpose is to work as a shaded retreat for relaxation or an elegant space for outdoor gatherings, the design provides respite and utility.

Variety of Styles

Our portfolio boasts an array of pergola styles and it ranges from classic to traditional designs. Whether you prefer the timeless appeal of wood or the elegant lines of modern materials, it's your choice. We are offering diverse options to align with your garden theme and preferences.

Expert Consultation

Our design experts are here to guide you every step of the way. From initial consultation to design conceptualization, we ensure that your preferences and needs are at the forefront of our creative process. With Amazon wood, you can elevate your garden to a realm of beauty and tranquility.

Our portfolio of pergola designs

Why is Wooden Pergola famous in Dubai?

As Dubai’s landscape blends modern architecture and desert beauty, wooden pergolas offer a natural, rustic charm by creating a harmonious connection with the environment. With this, the warm climate of Dubai makes outdoor spaces more valuable. Wooden pergolas in Dubai provide shade and shelter, allowing residents to enjoy their outdoor areas. Quality wood provides natural warmth, which offers a comfortable and inviting ambiance.

Our wooden pergolas align with the cultural preferences of Dubai, and the use of natural materials and the appreciation for craftsmanship align with the city’s heritage. It’s the best choice for traditional and modern homes. With the diverse population, the taste in design varies from individual to individual, and Amazon Wood offers a wide range of customization options. The flexibility allows residents to get wooden pergolas that match their home styles and preferences.

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Wooden Pergola Dubai
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types of Wooden pergolas we make for you

Wooden pergolas come in various styles and designs, each offering a unique aesthetic and functionality. Here are some common types of wooden pergolas that you can consider for your outdoor space:

Gable Roof

A gable roof is known for its peaked roof, having two sloping sides and creating a more sheltered and defined space underneath. This design adds an architectural touch and protects from rain and direct sunlight.

Flat Roof

Modern cabinets are those cabinets that have sleek lines, minimalist designs, and focus more on modern functionality. They mostly offer flat surfaces, bold colors, and innovative storage designs in kitchen cabinets. People having luxurious lifestyle prefers buying these kitchen cabinets.


The arched pergola is widely used by residents of dubai as it adds a touch of elegance through its curved top structure. It gives a sense of romance and whimsy, which makes your outdoor space and pathways more charming.


An attached pergola is built against the exterior wall of the building and mostly extends from a patio or deck as it creates a flawless transition between the indoor and outdoor spaces offering you shade and a luxurious outdoor area.


A pergola that stands independently in your outdoor area, and it creates a special area where you can relax and play different activities for entertainment. Freestanding pergolas are convenient to be placed anywhere in your garden or yard to enhance the visual appearance of outdoor areas. and our pergola manufacturers ensure that made pergola will be with the best quality and design with exact custom dimensions height.


By combining different styles and elements, you can easily create a customized pergola keeping in mind your preferences and needs. For example, you can blend a gable roof with arched details or combine a flat roof with lattice panels for a unique and attractive design.

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  • The cost of a wooden pergola in Dubai will vary depending on the size, style, and materials used. However, you can expect to pay anywhere from AED 5,000 to AED 20,000 for a basic wooden pergola.
  • you have to choose your carpenter Dubai carefully to make sure you get the best design services, carpenter service, kitchen designs, and accessories. with custom made kitchen cabinetry services in Dubai
  • Classic pergolas: These are the most common type of pergola and are characterized by their simple, elegant design.
  • Modern pergolas: These pergolas are designed with a more contemporary look and often feature geometric shapes and materials.
  • Arbor pergolas: These pergolas are smaller and more intimate than traditional pergolas and are often used as walkways or entryways.
  • Trellised pergolas: These pergolas are covered in vines or other plants, which provide shade and privacy.
  • Hanging pergolas: These pergolas are suspended from the ceiling or roof and are a great way to add a touch of romance to your outdoor space.
  • Provides shade and shelter from the sun and rain.
  • Creates a cool and inviting space to relax and entertain.
  • Can be used to grow plants and flowers.
  • Can add value to your home.
  • Is a low-maintenance option.

When choosing a wooden pergola, there are a few factors you need to consider, including:

  • The size of your space.
  • The style of your home.
  • The materials you want to use.
  • Your budget.
  • The amount of maintenance you are willing to do

or you can choose any other color you prefer.

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